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Thursday, June 12, 2008


We (Mom, Jason, Talon, Nikki, Gwenith, Gilbert and I) went to the local amusement park (Lagoon) yesterday. Gwen and Gilbert had a blast at the kiddy park. Gwen was so cute she would smile and laugh the whole time the ride was going. Gilbert was not sure at first but if he rode the ride a second time he would love it. Our first ride there was of course the carousal. This was different from the zoo. First it has seat beats and second it was way faster! Gilbert saw the kitty and wanted to get on it. Gwenith chose a horse.

I think Gwenith and Gilbert favorite ride either had to be the helicopter ride (it is a ride that spends a round and if you pull back a bar you would go up in the air and spend a round in a circle) or the boat ride (this was kind of lame. It was a five or six boats tethered together going around in a circle. that is pretty much all it was, oh wait you could ring a bell on the boat and pretend to drive it too.).

After we were there for two hour Heather, Joey and Taylar joined us. It was so fun having them there with us. It gave Gwen and Gilbert someone to ride the rides with and have fun with!

It is funny different my enjoyment of amusement park are now that I am a mom. When I was younger it was all about how many times I can ride the rides. Now it was all about making sure Gwenith and Gilbert (and Taylar) were having fun. I could have careless about riding the rides. In fact beside being able to ride a handful of kids rides with Gwenith and Gilbert I only rode one ride, a roller coaster, at the very end of the day. Oh wait I rode a ride (a haunted house) with Jason when we first got to the park.
These last two pictures are my favorite! At one point I told Gwen to hold Taylar's hand so I could keep track of them easier. It was just so cute I had to take a picture. Then at another point in the day I told Gwenith and Gilbert and Taylar to hold hands again so they did of course and off them went. It was so funny they just started to walk off and did not care if we were following. They just left us. I had to run and get them. Everyone around us were commenting on how cute they were.

While we on the train ride we got some unexpected excitement!! The amusement park has some animals in cages the the train passes by. While when we were going by the tiger. He (or she) decided that we looked tasty, no really it decided that it did not like us and ran (walked) up to the cage and roared really load at us. It scared me so bad that I yelled, grabbed Gilbert (Gwen was with my mom) and jumped back in my seat. I was really scared. I have never seen a tiger so active. I have seen them up before and moving up usually they seem to pay hardly any attention to me/us. This one I swear was ready to pounce us and eat us for dinner. And that is why I will not get one for a pet, lol. After that the rest of the ride I notice how small the animal's' cages are. I really hope they don't spend all their time at the amusement park. I really hope they trade with zoo so often. I really feel bad about how small those cages are.


Aubrey said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I love the pictures of them all holding hands, so sweet!