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Thursday, July 10, 2008

birthday pictures

mom bought Gwenith and Gilbert their favorite thing . . . balloons! They really enjoyed them. after their naps and a change of clothes thet got a scooter from mom. They really like them. But they don't quite get the concept of how to make them go. Which is kind of funny because two months ago Gwen was playing on someone else's and she was able to make it go but now she doesn't. I guess it will be something we will teach them. Mom also got them a cake. That was really good!

I got them this table. I have been looking for a table and chairs for them for a while now but could not find one that I like. I finally found one about two weeks ago and it was on sale for 60.00!! I really like this one because it is green and does not look like it is for a girl or boy but for both!!! Right now it is set up in the kitchen but once we got back into our own house it will be in the play room.

Sam got Gwenith a my little pony and Gilbert a car.

I am (and Sam) giving them more presents on Saturday at their birthday party.