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Monday, July 28, 2008


Gilbert just came up to me and showed me his hand and said bit! It looks like Gwen bet him again. But this is the first time Gilbert has come up to tell on his sister. I gave him a kiss on his hand and told Gwen not to bit. Gilbert then told her no bit! Then he said naughty no bit! It was so cute.

On another biting front. . . Gilbert is still biting his nails (even his toe nails)!!!! Does anyone have advice on how to stop this?????


Heather said...

no idea what to tell you about Gilbert biting his nails. We are fighting taylar about picking her nose. She really only does it when I get mad at her because she thinks it is isn't, lol.

On another note, the bit thing is hillarious. Not so much that Gwen bit Gilbert, but that he said it...too cute!!
So when I get back from California we need to have more playdates because taylar loves your kids.