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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

videos for Sam

These videos are mainly for Sam. I have been trying to e-mail them to him since Saturday but I can't because the file is to large so I was thinking today what I could do to get them to him. At first I was going to put them on a CD and mail it to him, but this even I though hey he can check my blog and look at pictures why not put the video on it too so he can view them and so can all my friends.

Gwen and Gilbert both will tell you they are two if you ask them. It is soooo cute! But I could not get Gilbert to say it on camera so you all just get Gwen.

(p.s. scroll down and turn off the music.)

These are from today

I am so proud of them they know almost all their body parts! I have been trying to teach them head, shoulder knees and toes song. I think it is going well.

This is of Gwen saying our dogs names

and just because