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Friday, July 18, 2008

just incase you wanted to know

I called the loan company today and guess what we owe 5000 more on the SUV then what I can trade it in for! I love it . I have owned my SUV for two years and I have paid under 10,000 for it so far! It just kills me because we pay 500.00 a month for this thing too. Oh and that is not including insurance (which is not that because we both have a clean record and we are military) and gas! I hate loans I hate interest! I wanted a new SUV and my dreams have stomped on. Oh well.

I think I am addicted to buying thing on line. ok let me clarify myself I am addicted to ebay. I like to bid on things. About 95% of the time I don't win it either! This all started three weeks ago when I was trying to buy (win) a new/used lens for my camera. I had to try many time to even win one, which I finally did this week, and because of that I think I have caught a bug, lol. I am so lucky that I do not win over half the things I bid on or we would have no money.