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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

pictures of Sam's homecoming

here are the pictures I promised you all yesterday. You all thought I forgot didn't ya, lol. No I just took forever going though them all deciding which ones I wanted to show you all. I warn you there is a lot that I want to share with you all, but they are all good ones:

these are the signs we made the morning of, while waiting for Sam's ship to come in.
G&G looking for Sam's ship to come in

first views of the ship
Gwen telling me there is daddy's ship
I just think this is a funny face she is pulling there so I had to share it.

Gilbert pointing to Sam's ship saying "there he is" (daddy)

This is at the pier gate waiting to be let on so we see daddy.

first view of daddy!!! He in the group of two, in the middle of the picture, he is the one on the right. (if you click on the picture you can see him better) There is a story behind this picture. I did not really know for sure this was him. I knew where he most likely would be standing (Sam and I forgot to talk about where he would be standing when they pulled in so I just guess he would be at about the same place he stood the day the left deployment. So I just took pictures and hoped he would be in one of them. Guess what I was right!!!

We are finally on the pier. Gilbert is waving his flag for daddy, which I did not even tell him to do, he just started to do it all by himself! Gwen is pointing to the saying "daddy" "there he is" (which at that point we did not know where he was)
Our first for sure sighting of Sam!!

Gilbert and Gwen were so happy to see daddy! They had such big smiles!

Gilbert showing daddy his flag.
Gwen and Gilbert showing daddy their signs
look Sam had flowers for me!
These are of us waiting to get on the ship, but at least now we are on the pier and are able to see and talk to Sam finally
We finally were able to board the ship! Gwen and Gilbert went straight to Sam and gave him a BIG hug!

I had picture of my car that I had decorated with sayings too, like the front window, but the condensation made the paint run so it did not look good, so I am not going to share the pictures.

Just to give you a little time line. Sam's ship was suppose to be in at 8:30 that morning. Our first sighting of it was at 8:19. It was not pier side until 8:40 (see it takes that long to pulled in). We were finally let on the pier at 9:00 (a couple of ladies got on before that but they were the ones that had babies and won the first hug and first kiss stuff). Our first for sure sighting of Sam was at 9:12 (they let us on the pier but would not let us to down to were the ship was at). We finally boarded the ship at 9:20. We left the ship, with Sam, at 9:40!!


Heather said...

this made me almost start to cry,lol.

Kritta22 said...

Oh what wonderful pictures!!
That is really fast to let you guys on and even get Sam home! I waited for a ship for 4 hours before. All the wives and girlfriends just started singing and holding hands. We wanted our boys so bad.
About the post thing, sometimes blogger changes your date and time. Go into your settings and see if the date and time are what it is today.
Oh how wonderful to have him back!

Nicole O'Dell said...

Ok, I started tearing up when G. started waving the flag. How sweet! What an awesome recap of what must have been a really awesome day!