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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

santa picture

I finally down loaded some pictures from my camera. So I thought I should share that Santa picture with you all that I told you about the other day.

I forgot to tell you all about how Gwen and Gilbert played in the snow! Yes there was snow here in San Diego. Ok so it was not "natural" snow but it was snow and Gilbert was having so much fun picking it up and throwing it.

We also got Gwen and Gilbert faces painted that day. Gwen saw some kids doing it and she wanted it done too. Then when Gilbert saw Gwen getting her face painted he wanted it done too.


Aubrey said...

How fun! I wish Caitlyn wasn't afraid of Santa. Those face paintings are really cute!

Heather said...

those are sto stinking cute. I love the face painting.

Sean Patrick and Emma Jane said...

That looks just like our picture! Sean sat on his lap and Emma clung to me! Don't you just love being in the picture?

Tinabean said...

Man I am really behind on my reading.
I am so glad that you made it safe & sound.
I was starting to get worried about you.
I'm sorry you got your feelings hurt.
Just come to me next time & I will try my best to make you feel better.
Your little ones are getting so big I can't believe it.
I hope all is well & your almost ready for christmas.

Wait Another Year said...

Hi. I found your blog on The Mom blogs. I'm also a mother to fraternal b/g twins. My tots were always afrad of Santa so we had to be in the photo with them from last I don't think they'll be taking pics with Santa this year.

It's interesting to see how different my son is from my daughter. I love being able to see how they grow and change from day to day. Are your twins similar or very different in personalities as well?