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Sunday, December 7, 2008

things I learned today

Here is a list of things I learned today:

1. It does not matter how early I start to get ready for church I am still LATE!
2. Don't eat directly from the apple sauce jar and then expect it to be able to eat out of it a week later. nope, unless you need some penicillin.
3. Grapes and barbecue sauce is not a good combination (Gwen found this out today)
4. That my new flat screen HDTV is not compatible to my only 5 year old DVD play.
5. Gilbert now knows how to turn on the lights in room. (he knew how to do it at my mom's but here the light switch is higher so he needs to climb to get to it)
6. Twins love is strong!!!!!!!


Just me said...

The grapes and barbeque sauce sound interesting;) LOL

I have twins too. Four children all together. Our girls are 10 years old.

I found your blog at The Mom I really enjoy your blog!