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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This past weekend my Mom, my two nephews (Jason and Talon), Gwenith, Gilbert and I all went camping. It was a last minute thing. We were suppose to go up to Washington visit the Grandparents but my Mom's camper did not get done at the auto shop in time to get on the road on Friday so we decide to go camping on Saturday instead. We had a very good time. We went to Midway, UT. We only camped out one night because the weather was suppose to be bad Sunday (it was!).We had a blast even thought Jason was being a preteen (enough said). He did not want to do anything. It was like pulling teeth with him. Gwen and Gilbert were very well behaved until it came time to go to sleep. Even though they did not have a nap that day they did not want to go to sleep. Because I was having troubles getting them to sleep my whole family decide to go to sleep to see if that would help them get to sleep. That did help. They went to sleep within a couple of minutes.The next day we went on a hike. Gwenith and Gilbert were doing very well. At one point Gwenith was walking very slow so I picked her up and put her on my shoulders. She really enjoyed. But at one point on the trail there was some low branched so I had to put her down. at first she did not to walk but once I told her she had to go under the branches she was fine with that but once we got thought them she wanted me to pick her back up. I put her on my shoulders again but she though a big fit. She wanted me to hold her on my hip which was not comfortable to hike/walk with her like that. So the rest of the hike she cried which made the rest of the hike not fun.

These pictures are from our hike.

Gwen and Gilbert are walking in front of Jason.
Gilbert chilling on the bridge while I am trying to get a group photo.