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Thursday, September 11, 2008

seven years ago - I was in boot camp

can you believe it has been sevens since that tragic day. It seems so unreal to me still though. For those for you that don't know I was in boot camp that day. I was on week 7 (or was week 5, I can't remember now). That is when we do service for boot camp. I was a medical yeomen and was assigned to the (galley) mess hall. I was suppose to make sure everyone was working where they were suppose to and doing what they were suppose to be doing. I was walking around with another medical yeomen from another division. He (I really wish I could remember his name) was telling me he heard someone talking about an airplane flying into the world trade center. He was worried about his dad because he flies air planes. I told him there is no way that happened and it was just made up. The air plane would have to be flying really low and I high doubted that. Turns out I was wrong! With in an hour we heard the MSs (they guys in charge of us, they are now called CS in the Navy) talking about it. So I pulled one aside and asked him if it was true. He told he was not suppose to tell me this yet but yes it was. With in a half hour all of medical yeomen was called into the office we were told what happened. We were told to keep a close eye on our division and to make sure no one does anything stupid. The MSs were going to muster everyone together after the breakfast was done being served and tell everyone what had happened. They pretty much just told us that the rumor was true that A plane flew into a building in New York and a lot of people did not make it. That was all they told us and our RDCs would tell us more when we got back to our barracks that evening. The rest of the serving day was very solemn. I had to go around and make sure everyone was not freaking out. Boot camp was pretty much in lock down. We could not go anywhere. We could not leave the galley to go back to the barracks until our RDC that was three people that were in charge of my division) came to get us, the day before I had marched us back but I could no longer do that. the walk/march back was very quiet. When we got back to our barracks our RDCs told use more that happened. They told us that we could go up the the boys compartment (I forgot what we called it) to watch the News on TV but we had to just sit there and not talk. So all the girls went to the floor above us, where the boys in our division lived, to watch the News. We were only allowed to watch about ten minutes it because some girls started to cry so we had to turn off the TV and go back down to our room. What we did see what the same footage of the planes flying into the building, that is all I remember. We went back down to our compartment and talked about what we saw. Boot camp was very weird after that day. We were pretty much on lock down for about two or three weeks afterwards, I think we were until graduation. I never really got to see much on 9/11 until a week later when I went home on emergency leave (my uncle died not in 9/11). I remember being in the airport waiting for my plain to fly back home and looking all the magazines and news paper on it. I so badly wanted to buy one but could not Backus I had not money. I asked the guy at the counter to tell me what was going on because I knew nothing, I explained to him I was in boot camp. I can't remember what he told me.

To me it seem so unreal, almost like it was a movie, even now days. I think it has to do with I was in boot camp and was sheltered from all the broadcast that was done on it. Within six weeks after graduated from boot camp I went to my first ship and then on a seven month deployment.