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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last night

Last night right at bed time Gwen started to throw up!! I felt so bad for her. She did not have a fever but she was really pale, so there was really nothing I could do for her beside holding and comforting her. She threw for four hour, off and on, so finally at eleven I took her to the ER, to see if they could give her some antinausea stuff. We sat in the waiting room for a half hour; we were the only ones in there. Finally they took us back to a room where we sat for an hour and half!!! No one ever came in and saw us. Gwen was dry heaving when we first got into the room but had not for a half hour and now she was finally sleepy and was telling me she wanted to go home. I was getting very frustrated just sitting there so we left. I was just going to leave (and no one even looked at us or tried to stop us, but I left like I should say something. So on the way out the door I said something to the nurse just sitting there. She told me I need to sign a paper saying we left. I told her why I was leaving and she told me they were really busy. I am sorry I don't care how "busy" they were someone should have came into the room to make sure everything was ok. So I felt like maybe I was making something out of nothing.

When we got home Gwen still had not thrown up any more so we went to bed in my bed, this was at about 1230 am. At about 2 am I heard throwing up and realize Gwen was no longer in my bed and the throwing up were coming from Gilbert's bed. I thought oh great Gwen climbed into bed with Gilbert and is now throwing up on Gilbert!! I hurried and picked up what I thought was Gwen when I suddenly realized that it was Gilbert! He was the throwing up and he had a temp! He was not burning up but it was higher than usual, nothing that worried me. I cleaned him up and took him to bed with me. That is when I realized that Gwen was a sleep on the floor by my bed. (Side note for those that do not know we are right now living at my mom's while Sam is deployed and we are all sleeping in one room) Gilbert pretty much threw all night/morning. It was nothing big just small amount. That he always threw up in a bowl so it was nothing to clean up. Which made it easy I would hear him start to gag and give him the bowl. After he did his thing we then would go back to sleep. Gwen woke up a couple of times and asked for her sippy. I told her no because I knew she would just throw it up. She would cry a little and go back to sleep.

I pretty much got no sleep. The last time I looked at the clock it was 6 am, which is our usual wake up time. But Gwen and Gilbert slept in until 930 am!!! That has never happened before. So I think I got two a half hours of undisturbed sleep.

Gwen is doing ok this morning/afternoon. She tells me her tummy hurt but she has not thrown up. Gilbert still is warm. I took his temp and it is 100.6 so it not warrants going to the doctor. He asked for a milk sippy this morning. I did not really want to give it to him but he asked for it so I gave in and gave it to him. He did throw up a little of it but not all of it


Britt said...

Oh poor things! I hope they feel better soon. Emergency Rooms can be such a joke sometimes .. a very unfunny joke at that!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Oh you poor sweet thing! That is the hardest!! Oh the ER wait...ridiculous! Makes me upset to know they made you wait so long!

I'm glad to hear that Gwen is feeling better today. Thoughts and prayers going to your household for a SUPER speedy recovery!


Heather said...

Poor babies and poor momma!! I can't believe noone came to check on you! That's AWFUL. I hope the kiddos feel better soon and that you get some sleep tonight.