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Sunday, September 7, 2008

state fair

My family and I went to the state fair Friday. The Fair is not what I remember it to be like when I was kid. I swear when I was a kids it was a lot bigger, more animals and a lot funner, lol. But really it was not what I remember it to be. I swear there use to be more animals there and less booths that tried selling you stuff when I was a kid. It seemed to have gone downhill quite a bit over the years and one ride cost between 3 to 5 dollars! that is way to much. If it was just me and the kids I would have bought them maybe enough tickets to ride one ride but my mom was there and enough tickets for all four of them to ride a couple of rights which I think cost my mom sixty dollars!! Gwen and Gilbert got so excited when they saw the carousel.

I did not take any pictures for the live stock. Gilbert got really excited to see the cows. When we were walking though the building that held the cows Gilbert and Gwen were saying cow and mowing the whole time. It was so cute.

Talon , Gilbert and Gwen all rode the ponies (which is the one thing I always wanted to ride when I was kid but never got to). All three of them were so cute. They had huge smiles the whole time they were on the ponies.

What was funny was when we were waiting in line for the pony ride I was a family I know from San Diego!! She was in town visiting her family. Then after the ride I saw my Grandpa's cousin (I don't know what they makes them to me). Boy this big would is small.


Heather said...

i completely forgot about the fair I think I'm going to tell joey we need to go this week I really want taylar to ride the ponies.

mommaof4wife2r said...

randomly found you through SITS...and i just want to say, I agree. the fair was more fun. it definitely was cheaper. i'm glad you all had have a nice family!

Heather said...

I also have to say I like your Twilight countdown clock, I am stealing it cause I have one that I'm not so in love with at the bottom of my page and wanted a better one.

Tinabean said...

It looks & sounds like fun was had by all.
I wish it was cheaper though rides & things are so much.
Did you get some cotton candy? That's my fav.