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Monday, September 22, 2008

they finially paid!

Well my renters paid rent today, only 21 days!! They even paid the late fee. I was beginning to worry that they were not going to pay and expect the their deposit to cover their rent for this month. Everyone is telling me to keep their deposit. I am thinking I will, because my house looks bad. No they did not make holes in the wall in the floor. But they did not give me 30 days notice, which in the contract it says they were suppose to give 30 days (In some ways they only gave me 5 days notice!). Then have not been water the lawn for the last two months and it looks it. Their dogs have dug holes in the yard. They are trying to say that when the veranda roof fell it ripe / broke the cover on the hot tub. But they don't know I took picture of it back in March and the cover did not look like it does now!!! Two the of the bedroom curtains need to replaced. Yesterday one of my renter told me that two of the smoke dectors fell down! ok if fell then why did they not tell when it happen so I could fix it??? I hate renting. I don't under stand why people do not take of things?

So what do you think, should I keep the deposit? I have not seen all of the house yet. I do the finially walk though on Friday.


Tracy said...

Based on what you've shared, I would keep the deposit, especially since you have pictures (get more!) to back up your side. They can try to take you to small claims to get their deposit back, but if you have before and after photos with documentation, you should be all set!