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Thursday, May 29, 2008


just to fix the lens on camera it is going to cost $82.00!!!! I looked on line and the listing price for that lens is 245.00 but on amazon it is 181.71. So it looks like I am going to pay to have them fix it. I asked the tech what is wrong with my camera lens and she said it is jammed (too tight) and she will have to losen it.

I still don't know what is wrong with my camera!


Today is my birthday. I am 30 years old. Boy when I was younger I thought 30 was sooooooo old. Now that I am there I feel like I am still young. I don't feel 30 and I don't think I look 30 either.

Sam bought me a dimond necklace though the internet and sent it to me for my birthday. It was really nice to get a present from Sam even though he is hundreds of miles away.

Thank you honey!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I broke my camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was trying to take a picture of myself and my new hair cut and I dropped my camera! It was on filing cabinet about 4 feet high and after I press the button to start the timer for the picture my hand got caught in the strap and it fell!!!! My lens that was on the camera will not focus and when I take pictures they are very dark! the flash works but the pictures are really dark! I switch lens and it still takes very dark pictures.

I found a place that fixes cameras so I drove it there this afternoon, while G&G were napping, and left it there to be fixed I am really hoping that it is fixable and it wont cost a lot! The guy that fixes my type of camera is out of town until Monday so I will not find out what it wrong with that until then, but I should find out what is wrong with the lens tomorrow.

I am so upset with myself. I should have been more careful then that.

Hair cuts

Yesterday (Tuesday) I went and got my hair cut! I chopped 10 inches off!!!! I am once again donating it to locks of love. I did this almost two years ago right before Gwenith and Gilbert were born. I think is the shortest I have had my hair since boot camp in 2001. So far I like it. It is so nice to have it out of my face and off my neck. But I really do miss my long hair too. I wish I could have both types of hair cuts. I always have gotten compliments on my hair and I remember how much people would say they loved it when it was long. I was planning on growing it long again like it was before I joined the Navy but I just got to a point that it was bugging. This is the last time I cut it after this I am going to start growing out again.

The first picture is from yesterday right after I got my hair cut. I was going to take a before picture but I totally forgot to take my picture. The ones with me wearing pink was from today (Wednesday).

While I was at the hair stylist I had Nonie (the person that cuts my hair) cut Gilbert's hair again, that was the fourth time in the last 10 months!!!! We also cut Gwen's bangs. Her bangs were not even and it was really bugging my mom and was bugging me a little bit too, but I really did not want to cut it. But there was a couple of strands that were in her eyes that I deiced to have her bangs cut too. She looks so different now, but very cute!!!!

this is Gwenith and Gilbert Monday the day before the hair cuts.

This is Gwenith and Gilbert yesterday after the hair cuts

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am so upset I was at Target tonight, G&G were acting up and drawing attention to us. I was getting the usual comments, "you got your hands full" and I was just blowing them off, with a smile and a nod. I was getting flustered and was trying to hurry and get the stuff I need and to get out. When I was in the isle looking at shelves trying to figure out which shelves I wanted G&G got out of the shopping cart. We were using a cart has an extend part that can hold two children in the front (where you push), not the cab type ones. Anyways G&G got out the straps and started to run a mock. I was trying to put them back in and tighten the straps on when I notice this old guy starring at us down the isle, about a good ten feet. I gave him kind of a dirty look but he kept on starring at us. It was like he was looking at me wondering why I could not control my kids. It was not a nice look. Finally I said "It is not polite to stare" He then said "I was wondering if you needed help". OK I did not know this guy I was not going to let him touch my babies! I told him no. He still did not move he just stood their and was starring at us. Again I told him "It is not polite to stare". I turned away and walked fast to the check out. I don't know if he was really going to help me out but I hated how he was starring at us.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

unexpected guest

we had some unexpected guest take a swim in our pool yesterday! I was standing on the deck talking to Jeremy while he was painting the deck when I thought I saw something fall out of the sky. Then I heard a splash. My first thought it was my dogs playing around. Gwen & Gilbert were taking a nap at the time. Jeremy said what was that. He turned around and saw two ducks swimming in our pool! Jeremy and I both ran in to grab our cameras so we could take pictures of them. They stayed about an hour and then left. I think Jeremy was making too much noise for their liking. As far as I know we have never had ducks take a swim in our pool before. It was really funny.

Here is Jeremy working on the deck. He is staining/painting it. He is also replacing the broads that have gone bad over the years. I wish I would have done a before and after picture because Jeremy is doing a really good job on it!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

growing up

Both Gwenith and Gilbert are getting their canine teeth! But that is not what I wanted to write about, what I wanted to write about is I swear in the last couple of day both of them have had a growth spurt. Along with that their behavior have changed too. They no longer have the behavior of little babies any more. They are now behaving more like two years old ,which is a good thing since they are 22 months old, lol. But really they have changed so much in the last week. It is amazing how one day they are my little babies and just a short period of time they grow up a little. Gwenith loves to be miss independent (when ever I say that I think of Kelly Clarkson's song). Gilbert is very out going, he loves to explore. When I look at their legs I can tell they are longer then they were a week ago. It is so sad (and very exciting) to know my babies are growing up!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I know I have not been on much lately but one of my favorite author, Stephenie Meyer, had a new book come out last Tuesday, May 6, and I have been reading it all of my free time. Which mean when Gwen and Gilbert are not sleeping I was reading and had no time to play on the computer.

Yesterday I finished with the book. I did have a little trouble getting into it but I think it had a little to do with I wanted more of a story about Bella and Edward, but that will be in August. The first few chapters were a little slow, but then it picked up the pace and I really got into the book. It was a real page turner. I went a couple of days/nights with little sleep. I swear I even dreamt about it, lol.

The book is about a girl, Melanie, and Wanderer, two women sharing a single body, who are forced to work together in order to save Jared, the fugitive man they both love, and Jamie, Mel's little brother. Our world has been taken over. The human bodies have become host for the invaders, their minds taken over while their bodies remain intact and continue their lives apparently unchanged. When Melanie, one of the few remaining wild humans is captured. Wanderer, a"soul", is given Melanie's body to occupy But Melanie refuses to give up possession of her mind.

No this is not another Invasion of the Body Snatchers, it is so much more then that! It is a deep and beautiful story. It focuses more on the relationships of the characters and the intriguing dilemma of two lives sharing one body. I really fell in love with the characters. I was disappointed when it was over, but I'm excited by the prospect of a sequel!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Sam's ship pulled into Hawaii over the weekend! I am so jealous not being there with him. I so wanted to jump on a plane and come visit with him there. I can just picture all the things he will / could be doing while he is there.

Hawaii is such a beautiful, calming place to visit. I love it there the last three times I have been. But all three times I was there with the Navy and only had two to three days to see the place. I would love to go back one day and actually vacation there. I bet you it is ever better!

Sam of course went to the Laie Hawaii Temple there. It was built in 1915!!! It was the first temple dedicated outside of Utah. If I remember right from what I was told back in 2003 the exterior is made of crushed lava rocks and coral! It is dressed by pneumatic stone cutting tools to produce a white cream. Construction of the Laie Hawaii Temple came to a standstill when the supply of lumber ran out. Prayers were uttered, and two days later, a freighter was discovered stranded on a nearby coral reef. The captain offered his entire cargo to the saints if they would unload it for him. His cargo? Lumber—enough to complete the temple. The Laie Hawaii Temple is one of three temples built with no towers or spires. Carved friezes decorate each side of the top of the temple, depicting four dispensations of time: Old Testament Dispensation (west), New Testament Dispensation (south), Book of Mormon Dispensation (north), and Latter-day Dispensation (east).

Sam was able to taste what his midlife crisis will taste like while he is there in Hawaii, lol. The car he rented was a ford mustang. Sam wants one of these I told him that he can have one when he goes though is midlife crisis.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

family pictures

Two weeks ago we went and got our family picture taken. I did not really like how I looked in them, mainly because I am fat. Beside that they were good. Gwenith and Gilbert were not cooperating well. Gilbert was distracted with biting his thumb nail off. (his does not suck his thumb!!! If anyone know how I can get him to stop biting his nails please let me know) Gwenith would not smile or do anything that was asked of her. These outfits are also their Easter outfits.

Twilight Trailer

I am so excited for this movie! they just released a trailer for, it looks really good! I was not sure about the actor and actress they chose for the movie but seeing that trailer makes so excited for the movie to come out, which will be in December.

here is my blog I wrote about this before


p.s. thank you Heather for showing me this link

Monday, May 5, 2008


Well here is the post I did not want to write. I have been putting it off but you know what it does not matter if I don't write it, it still happened!

Sam's ship left yesterday, with him on it! He is gone for the next six months give or take a couple of days. It is very hard knowing he is not just underway and not coming back in two weeks. I keep wanting to call him about little things and I can't. He kept his cell phone and will be able to use it in Hawaii. I can't wait for that!. I miss him so much. We can e-mail each other so that will help so that will help. The time should pass quickly. I will be running around chasing two two year olds. Hopefully I will be working out and losing weight so when Sam gets back I will be looking better then I look now. I would love to look like I did after boot camp. I need to find one of those boot camp style gyms to join. Anyways Sam will be visiting some foreign land, that some that we have gone to before, that will be fun and exciting! I am kind of jealous of him for going to these lands again, I want to come too. Plus Sam should be getting into his work and hopefully making a good name for himself.

I am hoping that I keep telling myself that time will go fast that it actually will go bye fast, lol.

We were there when the ship pulled away from the pier. It was really cute, both Gwenith and Gilbert waved good bye to their daddy. Gilbert said bye as he waved. He says it so cute too. Gilbert really wanted to go up the ladder to his daddy. He started to cry, I don't know if it was because I told him no, or if it was because he wanted his daddy or because he wanted to climb, maybe it was all of them. We stood there watching Sam's ship go out to sea. We watched it until it went under the bridge.

We did not stick around in San Diego long after that, luckily Jetblue had a flight four hours after Sam's ship left so we got tickets for that. Jeremy was able to get a ticket the same flight we had. What is even cooler is that the seats behind me were empty, the flight was almost full!! So when we checked in we asked if they could hold the seat next to Jeremy so that he could have Gilbert seat next to him and they were able to do that. I am glad Jeremy deiced to fly back with us because Gwen was being a butt almost the whole flight, but luckily for Jeremy Gilbert was being very good.

The only real problem we had was with Jeremy, lol. When we checked into Jetblue they said his bag was 15 lbs to heavy. This irritated Jeremy because this was the Same bag he had just check in at Delta two days before and nothing had changed with it. When he check at delta they just put a heavy tag on it and everything was fine. At JetBlue they wanted him to either pay $40 or take out 15 pounds put it in a garbage bag and carry it on. Jeremy pulled out some of his things and put it in my bag. When we went though security he kept setting off the alarm. It turns out his gum wrapper was setting off the alarm! Even though we got to the airport almost two hours before our flight because of the line at the ticket counter and Jeremy having trouble with security by the time we got to the gate it was time for the preboarding which was us. Jeremy was not impress with JetBlue because of the ticket counter help. I still like flying them, but I dislike the bag policy.

Only 182 days (+/- a couple of days) until Sam comes home!