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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I loved this book and I am so excited about this movie. The book is really well written. My sister (who thinks she is a vampire) did not want to read it because there is no sex or graphic violence or gore. She thought it would not be interesting like the Anne Rice books. I finally gave her all three books for Christmas and guess what she read all three books within a month! She could not put them down! Sam is now reading them! He is on the second book. Sam says he found them to be more interesting them the author noted above. I promise these books are a real page turner. Me who hates to read (I did not read a book cover to cover until I was 15) read each book within a week after they were published!! The fourth book comes out this August I can't wait!!!! The movie comes out this December! Here is a link to the fansite about the books


Heather said...

I'm so excited now. I saw these videos the other day on stephenie's sight. I didn't think I'd be excited for the movie but I really am, even with the casting choices I didn't like. It looks like it will be good. And James looks awesome.