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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

quick update

I am about to leave for San Diego so this will be fast.

The pain in back is most likely from a cyst on my ovary. It is nothing big it happens all the time to women thought out their cycle (so I was told). the cyst will go away on its own (so I was told). My pain has calmed down a lot from this weekend! It still very much hurts but nothing like on Friday or Saturday. I am learning to deal with it.

Gwen has a black eye! I don't how she got it! It is not bad. It just makes me feel terrible that I don't know when she got it. I think it was from Sunday when she was climbing up into her chair at the table fr dinner. I remember she hit her head but at the time I did not see any marks

Jeremy has been in Kuwait since Sunday night. He should be leaving there tonight and be stateside Thursday!!!!