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Monday, April 21, 2008

busy weekend

On Saturday and Sunday a few guys from church (the missionaries), and a guy from the ship helped Sam moved all of our belongings into a storage unit! There is nothing left in the house beside a few items I want to being with me to Utah and what Sam wants to bring with him on the ship. I was watching G&G while that was being done. I wanted to be cleaning but I swear every time I turn around G&G are making a new mess. I did manage to clean the kitchen today. It took all morning long and during nap time. I cleaned all the cupboards, the counters, the oven, the pantry and the freezer! I did not do the floor yet. I did not do the refrigerator either. That is because there is some (very little) food left in there. I did not want to clean out the refrigerator with cleaners and then put all the food back in there to sit and sock up the fumes. So that will have to wait until Thursday. I washed the walls in the dinning room and the front room. I started to clean the walls in the hallway but then I got on a kick of vacuuming, don't really know why I will have to vacuum again on Thursday. I manage to vacuum the front room (this will be the third time in three days it was done), the dinning room, G&G room and Sam and mine room. I guess I did it because I wanted the place to look clean even thought it is not. Some ladies from Church are suppose to come over Wednesday to help me clean the rest of the house! So I am not stressing over the cleaning.

In some of ways I don't want to move home any more. I really like my neighbors and I love the location of the house. I love the people at my church (ward). But all those things will be here in 6 months from now too. I am afraid that I will just hibernate in my house while Sam is gone. I know that is a little hard to do with two toddlers that want to go outside. But still I am afraid that I will not do things while Sam is gone and I will become like my dad (long story and I wont go into it right now) so I think in the long run it is best for me and G&G to go live with my mom this deployment. I will have family around for me and G&G during this hard time, which I know will make the time go by so much faster. I know we can get the same housing complex when Sam gets back. I am going to plead and pray that we can move back on this street. I really do like my neighbors and I love this part of the complex. The next deployment, which hopefully will be in 1 1/2 to 2 years from now, we will stay here in Cali. Things will be different that time around. Only 10 more years until retirement!