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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

just a reminder!

Please don't leave your children in the car!!!! A 18 month old died yesterday here in Utah. The mom left her baby in the car while she was unloading her groceries and somehow forgot he was still in the car. She thought he was napping (he was in the car!). I don't think the outside temperature even reached the 80 mark (but I could be wrong about that), but the inside of the car must have gotten really hot! Please remember that babies heat up faster than adults. Their body core temperature gets to a higher temperature much quicker than adults' temperatures do.

Don't leave your children in a car to run a quick errand!!!


Heather said...

they said that the inside of the car got to over 130! This just makes me sick. I saw this on the news and it made me want to throw up. I always unload taylar before I unload my groceries. If I have more groceries than I can carry with her, I usually put her upstairs, I try to go to the store right before nap time so I can lay taylar down for a nap and then go get the groceries out of the car. I hate when people leave their kids in the car even when they are running into the store for less than a minute, it ticks me off.