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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back in San Diego

Well Gwenith, Gilbert and I have just spent the last 11 hours in the car driving to San Diego to spend some much needed time with Sam! We have just over two weeks left to be with Sam before he deploys. The drive here was pretty uneventful beside all the wind we encountered on the way here. It was so bad at one point that they had the interstate closed down and we had to take a back road to travel! It was only for 20 miles but it took forever! G&G were really good the whole time! I just kept a DVD playing and made sure they had a drink and once in awhile a snack. Pretty much the only time they cried was when it was bed time. they only cried for maybe 5-10 minutes but both fell asleep and stayed asleep until we got here. Of course they woke up once we got here but that was ok I kept them up for an hour. they had fun running a round playing. then at elven I took them up to bed and they both fell asleep right away. I am still pumped up from driving so I figured I would let you all know what was going on.