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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Jeremy is stateside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They got here a head of schedule, go figure. Jeremy got here (he is in Maine) this afternoon. He was there two hours and now is on another plane heading to Denver, CO and then to Kansas. So in case you missed what Jeremy has done he went from Baghdad to Kuwait to Germany to Maine to Denver and finally Kansas! Why they are doing that I have NO IDEA! I know they are not dropping off anyone and they are not picking up anyone so who knows why?????

They should be in Kansas at 3:30 am! They are doing a welcome home ceremony at 4 am! I totally understand why they are doing that so early. It is so they family can see the soldiers as soon as they get off the plane and the soldiers don't have to set a round for another 4 hours until the ceremony was suppose to begin. I just feel bad for mom she drove from Denver (which is funny cuz Jeremy went there, lol) to Kansas today. Luckily she got there early this evening so she had some let down time but she now has to get up at 3am to go see Jeremy. But hey if I was there I don't I could sleep, knowing in just a couple of hours I would be able to see Jeremy again!!