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Saturday, April 12, 2008

another update

I am still very much in pain!!! I caved in and took a lortab! I hate the feeling it gives me but I must say it makes the pain bearable. I just took my second pill and I am waiting for it to take affect so I can go to sleep. Monday can not get here fast enough for me!! My sister was actually there to help me out this evening. She entertained G&G for an hour until it was time for her to get ready to go out ( I wished she would have stayed home to really help me out!!). I had not gotten the prescription filled yet so Jeremiah (Nikki's boyfriend) went and got it for me. It was totally out of his way and he did it for me!!! What a sweet heart! Nikki even gave me a heating pad. That I think helped too. If I start to not make since it is because I think it is finally kicking in, lol. Jason (Nikki's son) was a huge help. After Nikki went to get ready to "go out" Jason took G&G and entertained them for an hour. He even got me pj's and new diapers to change them from bed. He even got them water sippys for bed. Jason is such a good kid!!!

My mom left for my Aunt Tamara's house and then heading to Kansas to see Jeremy at around 2:30 pm. Mom should get to Tam's about now. I need to call her to see if she got there ok. I have not been able to get a hold of mom for the last three hours now. I am now just starting to get worried.

Jeremy called me at around 7pm and told me he still has not left yet!!!!!!!!!!!! He is getting frustrated. When he was deployed in 2003 they knew the the minute they were leaving and what time they would be back in the US but this time around they know crap! I am hoping that since I have not heard from him in four hours that means that he has finally gotten on a plane! But that also does not mean anything.

ok this post is longer then what I thought it was going to be. :) off to call my mommy

oh one more thing the Jazz won today!!!!!!!!!!!!! They had a 40 point first quarter! Jazz won
the Nuggets 124-97! Go Jazz! There is so much more I could write about this about I am getting really tired, lol.

updated: I just called Mom she is in Denver so she should be at Tam's in a couple of minutes. Good night I am going to bed!