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Saturday, April 12, 2008

an update

Jeremy is still stuck! But he sent an email saying he should be getting on a plane today!!!! Stateside Monday!

Gwenith and Gilbert are still doing very well at going in the potty! I am halfway hoping to have them out of diapers by July when they turn 2!!! Now I just need to break them from their sippys and onto regular cups. They can drink out of cups but they tend to spill them a lot.

My dogs, Max, Jessi and Rhiannon went to Petco yesterday for grooming and they came shaved! I asked them to do it because I could not longer stand all the fur everywhere because they are shedding. So now they have no hair. I will post pictures when I get on my computer, right now I am using my mom's laptop.

I went to the ER yesterday. Because my lower back/side hurts really bad. My mom thought it might be my kidney. So I spent three hours in the ER and basically was told it most likely is not a kidney stone because beside the pain I have no other signs and it could not be proven with my blood test or urine test. My doctor (not the ER doctor) thinks it might be a cyst on my ovary so I have an appointment on Monday with him. I was discharged and told pretty much they (the ER) don't know what is causing me so much pain. I was given a prescription for lortab but I have taken those before and I hate how it makes me feel so I am not taking anything right now for the pain. I could not stand yesterday because of it. This is now the fourth day of the pain and it is still as bad as yesterday!


Hilary said...

I'm so sorry that you're in pain! I really hope that you don't have an ovarian cyst because I've had a few of those before and those are not fun. I hope you find out what is causing your pain so that you can feel better soon!