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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coming Home!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy called a little over an hour ago saying he just woke up and took his last shower in Iraq and will be getting on an airplane in a couple of hours lo leave! I am so happy my brother has made it though his deployment in Iraq. I am very grateful that he kept safe. I would say unharmed but he was wounded by an IED but it was nothing bad to sent him home and luckily no was killed during that attack which happen last August. Out of his unit 137 was killed! I don't know how many is in his unit to begin with (about 300 maybe?). Out of the squad Jeremy is in charge of (I think it is about 13-16 guys) none was killed. Two lost a limb and one was injured bad enough to be sent stateside. Jeremy wont be stateside for another week and I wont see him until he takes leave, which is not until July. Mom is going to Kansas to welcome him home when he finally get here! It has been a long 14 months!

This is Jeremy's squad the day they left for Iraq.