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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back in Utah!

We arrived in Utah Thursday night, but in St. Gorge, Utah. We got there at 11pm just in time to catch the last five minutes (not game time minutes) of the Jazz vs. the Rockets. We were so upset that they lost, that we stopped for the night there. Not really but we were tired, Sam had been up since 5am so I was afraid of him falling asleep while driving , so we stopped for the night. We checked into this dingy motel. I will not stay there again. There was nothing really too wrong with it, but it was just not as clean as I would have liked to see motels/hotels. We were back on the road by 8am. We arrived home in SLC by 1130am. We were counting police cars that we saw Friday on the drive and there was eight total, that does not include that accident (the aftermath) we saw a couple minutes out of St. Gorge. It looked like the SUV flipped end over end! The driver was ok he was walking around. When we got here to SLC we went to my mom's work. Gilbert got very excited he knew where we were and started to say Grandma, but it is more like amma. He ran into the store and started to look around for her. It was so cute. Once he found her he gave her a big hug! Gwenith just giggled.