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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Twilight countdown! & Question for you all!

I found these count down today while I was playing on the computer when I was suppose to be cleaning the house. Gwen and Gilbert actually are taking a nap today!! So I better get off this thing and do the dishes. Who knows maybe Sam will come home to a semi clean house today?!?!

these came from a really cool site I found. If you are a twilight fan I suggest going there.

Just wondering who has read twilight? Who has read all the books, including Host. What did you think of the movie and the books???


Heather said...

did you ever go see the movie?

chellekay said...

Yes I have seen the movie. I like the movie beside it was not like the book (the book is soooo much better) and the acting was not that well. But once I got past that I really liked the movie, not loved, but liked. I am looking forward for it to come out on DVD again to see if I like it more the second time around or to see if I have the same feeling for it as the first time around. I am excited for New Moon to come out; with a new director maybe I will like this one more!?!?.

Missy said...

Hi fellow Twilight lover. My sister got me addicted and I read all 4 Twilight series books but I have not read The Host. My sister & I were on vacation and saw the movie at midnight the night it came out. Yeah, we are a little obsessed!
The book was SOOO much better than the movie but they had so much to put in the movie and I am sure it was hard to make that happen

Brandi said...

I'm on the third book. Twilight was so good I read it in a few days (I even found the time when the girls were newborns!), but I can't get into the other books. I had a difficult time getting past Bella's whining after Edward left in New Moon. I wasn't crazy about Robert Pattinson as Edward until I watched the movie. YUMMY! My sister and I went to the midnight showing when it first came out too (it was the best time to go since the babies slept the whole time we were gone).

Tom, Sarah and Bevan said...

Just found your blog, and was sucked in by the Twilight post:). I said I would never read the Twilight series, then I decided to read a few pages - 5 days later I had read all four books! Yeah obsessive I know! The Host was great after the first 200 pages, which were a little hard-going. worth reading though.

sarah @

chellekay said...

I really like The Host but I agree it took about 100 pages to get into it, but once I was I could not put it down

Tinabean said...

I have read all the book & I love them!
I agree with you the movie was just ok,
The books are always better.
I bought the host the day it came out & it took me a few days to get into it.
After the desert part it started to get good & I really enjoyed it.
I hope she does a sequil to it.

By the way I'm totally getting the countdowns thanks for sharing!