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Monday, February 9, 2009


It has been raining here for about four days now. It was coming down really hard earlier today. I was going to take a picture of the sky but it was just gray, full of rain.

I wish these pictures would have turned out better showing the rain drops. They were enormous! Plus the wind was a blowing so the water was going up hill!

I open the window so we could smell the rain, I love that smell! Gwen and Gilbert thought that was the best thing ever


Heather said...

I wish it was warm enough here to open the windows to smell the rain we've been having. Unfortunatly its too cold and the snow sort of hides the smell that the rain has with the trees and grass :( Spring is only a few months away right.

Wait Another Year said...

Yuck! Rain for several days just gets me down. Not to mention, turn my backyard into a muddy swamp.

Glad your twins enjoyed the smell. That's one thing that I do like about it. Weather here has been strange, which is our It gets really cold then really warm. You just never know what to expect!

Lisa said...

ahh, the smell of it.

Kritta22 said...

What wonderful pictures! Those smiles are so wonderful!

Missy said...

The smell of rain is a wonderful smell! They look so sweet looking through the window!

Aubrey said...

That is a lot of rain! I, like Heather, am just iching for spring to come. sigh.

Tracy said...'ve got me longing for spring. We're getting a teaser this week, but I expect we'll get more snow before too long. We always do. Sigh.