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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Gwen and Gilbert were on one today, it was 10 o'clock and I need to dress for the day. Gwen had pulled out the controllers for the Wii. She and Gilbert wanted to play. I usually just let them play with the controllers but because I was planning to go grocery shopping I wanted to do my hair and makeup. I needed something to keep their attention and a movie today was just not doing it. So I decided hey why not let they play Wii. I put in Wii sport and put it on bowling. That did not work. They could not figure out how to throw the ball, you need to hold down the B button and release it when you want to throw the ball. Even after I tried to show them how it they just did not understand. Then it dawned on me that baseball you did not need to hold down any buttons so I changed the game to from bowling to baseball. That did it! They loved it. Of course they did not really get how to play it fully but they loved to swing the controller and either the the mii (person) threw the ball or the mii swing the bat. It was very cute to watch them play the game.


Missy said...

Girl - You are ambitious! Make-up & hair being done for groceries! My local grocery store probably think that I am always a mess! So cute of them playing!

Gibson Twins said...

Jeans and a clean t-shirt is dressed up for me lol. There are a handful of people I see each time we go to the store that know us, the best part of a small town.

Love the pics of the kids playing Wii!

Hungry Burgher said...

OMG, that picture is priceless of them playing baseball!! So cute!