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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Double shopping carts

I am so tired of going to the store and not being able to use a double seat shopping cart because someone with one child is using it. That is the one thing I hate is when I see a parent with one child using a double cart! I sometimes want to say something to them, but I never have. I know the double carts have the fun steering wheel, but really how long does the child play with it? Mine about five minutes that is when we are able to get one of those carts. But I am so tired have having to put one in the seat and the other in the basket. I have done the grocery shopping with my double stroller, pushing the stroller with one hand and pulling the cart with the other. But that is hard, not fun and it draws a ton of attention that is not really wanted. I am not going to drag two carts around it is just about as bad as dragging the stroller and cart around.

Until you have done it, you can't understand how difficult it is to shop with young twins. You have two little ones to juggle and a cart that only holds one of them. You can put one child in the seat and one in the basket, but if you have twins, no one wants that, they want to be together. Or you put one in the basket and hold the other while you try and push the cart and shop at the same time, not fun.

The double carts are not just for mother of twins/multiples, but also for mothers with more than one child. Most moms do the shopping. We like to do it during the day while our husbands are at work. That means we have to either get a sitter to watch the kids (not cheap when there is two or more children) or take them with us. Most of us take them with us to do the shopping.

I think every cart should have a double seated, not only can you put two children in those side-by-side seats, they're a little wider therefore it holds more items to buy. That alone allows us to buy more things so the profits go up, you would think all stores would have double shopping carts.

There are other shopping carts out there that allow more than one child to sit in it. There are the ones that have the cart with the “car”, where both kids can sit in the seat strapped in, playing with the steering wheels, pretending to drive, in front of the half-sized basket (there are some with a full baskets too, but they are hard to handle). But kids have to be old enough to safely ride in them. There are the ones where the “car" is in the rear of the cart, near you. The kids are within reach of you so I think it is safer. Then there is carts that have the double basket and the “car” in the rear, that are called tier nestable, I hate those. You can hardly put anything in the carts. There are the “normal carts” with the add-on space for older children to sit. Those are ok but they are for children 2 to 5 years of age. Plus my two can get out of the add-on with no problem and run around the store.

I think all stores should have at least one of those types and need more than four of them!

I hope I did not offend anyone with this but I am really tired of going to the commissary and having to use a single seat shopping cart because they are being used and most of the time the double cart has just one child in it.


Dylett said...

AMEN! What kills me more than the mothers with one child using the large carts.... the mother with one child who is running through the store while the mother uses the large cart.

Also why are the big carts almost never inside the store... why do I have to search for said carts?

My girls are 3 now so unless I have all 5 children I generally let them walk and pus a regular cart. But when I have all 5 kids with me because DH is at work I have NO CHOICE but to track down a large cart.

Sam said...

I couldn't agree more how hard it is to go shopping with our kids and a single cart, Stores should have rules for there use or provide enough double carts for everyone. Even when we go together it is a handful.

Lisa said...

That's why I love Sam's Club - all the carts are double carts!

Sean Patrick and Emma Jane said...

I have to agree. It irks me to no end to see someone with the double cart and ONE CHILD!!!!!! Come on people!!!! There are only about 4 double carts at our local supermarkets, and most of them are left out in the rain, spread out all over the parking lot! Then the stores with the becnch kind of double seats never have functioning seatbealts so they either keep jumping out or falling out! I could go on and on and on forever, but I won't :)

Wait Another Year said...

Yep, its very tough shopping with multiples. I hardly do it, unless its absolutely necessary - one reason being what you mentioned here and the other is they are just too curious and naughty at the store.

Kritta22 said...

I never thought about that before.

I personally, have only used the double cart once, and there was like five other ones....please don't hate me!

I seriously will say something next time I see it happening though. I'll stick up for you chica!

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with you. I try to only shop at the stores that have the double carts in the first place. Recently, at grocery store in freezing weather I asked the cart guy to go get one, i had seen someone in parking lot with, he looked at me like i was crazy, i said--you ain't seen crazy yet unless you dont get the cart! lmao

Janelle said...

I'm a first time commenting army wife and mother of four. My twins are two and a half and the double carts with steering wheels are a blessing in my life, especially since my husband deployed. Lately everytime I go, I can't track down any of those carts. I get into the store and see six and seven year olds riding along, and sometimes walking besides the carts that I NEED. Nothing drives me more crazy than that. I always shoot these people dirty looks, but I've never said anything to them either.