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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

back in SD again!

We flew into San Diego yesterday. First of all let me say how much I love flying Jetblue. I love that they have a direct flight from SLC to San Diego!! That the flight is under $100! The flight was not full so they set aside two seats for G&G so they had their own seat for the flight. Both G&G loved how they had their own personal TV in the seat. Gilbert's face was priceless when he realized that we could watch TV during the flight. Gilbert sat next to me. Gwenith and Sam and in the row in front of us. They were good the whole flight! In case anyone wanted to know yes Jetblue has changing tables in the lavatory and we used them. Gilbert loved it. He like how he could see himself in the mirror. Because no one else was in the row with us both daddy bears had their own seats but Gilbert said his daddybear was lonely so Gwen's daddy bear joined him in his seat to have drinks and the snack Jetblue gave us. Don't worry they are both seat belted in, lol.

We checked out of our (military) house today. I was really scared about the check out
inspection. I cleaned for days. I washed the walls. I dusted places I had never dusted before. I vacuumed so many times the last two weeks that I lost count of how many times. I even had help cleaning by four ladies in my church (ward). I spackiled the nail holes in the wall. I even locked us out of rooms after I cleaned them so no one could mess them up. Sam mowed the lawn and I weed whacked the edges of the lawn. But when it can time for the inspection all the lady did was was inspect the cupboards of the kitchen and bathroom. Looked at the master bedroom and one of the other bedroom and said we passed. I know she did not look in the third room or the down stairs bathroom. I don't think she looked in the dinning room, the laundry room or the lawn. We thought we were going to be charged for carpet cleaning but she said it was normal wear and tear!!! I don't know for sure what I was expecting of the inspection but it was not what I was expecting. I thought they would look more in dept at the cleaning and look for things to charge us for but they did not! So own nothing and we can move back in 6 months from now.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

just a reminder!

Please don't leave your children in the car!!!! A 18 month old died yesterday here in Utah. The mom left her baby in the car while she was unloading her groceries and somehow forgot he was still in the car. She thought he was napping (he was in the car!). I don't think the outside temperature even reached the 80 mark (but I could be wrong about that), but the inside of the car must have gotten really hot! Please remember that babies heat up faster than adults. Their body core temperature gets to a higher temperature much quicker than adults' temperatures do.

Don't leave your children in a car to run a quick errand!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back in Utah!

We arrived in Utah Thursday night, but in St. Gorge, Utah. We got there at 11pm just in time to catch the last five minutes (not game time minutes) of the Jazz vs. the Rockets. We were so upset that they lost, that we stopped for the night there. Not really but we were tired, Sam had been up since 5am so I was afraid of him falling asleep while driving , so we stopped for the night. We checked into this dingy motel. I will not stay there again. There was nothing really too wrong with it, but it was just not as clean as I would have liked to see motels/hotels. We were back on the road by 8am. We arrived home in SLC by 1130am. We were counting police cars that we saw Friday on the drive and there was eight total, that does not include that accident (the aftermath) we saw a couple minutes out of St. Gorge. It looked like the SUV flipped end over end! The driver was ok he was walking around. When we got here to SLC we went to my mom's work. Gilbert got very excited he knew where we were and started to say Grandma, but it is more like amma. He ran into the store and started to look around for her. It was so cute. Once he found her he gave her a big hug! Gwenith just giggled.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

here we go

well the house is pack and all of our belongs are in storage (beside G&G toys and things we needed to have). I have been cleaning the house off and on for three days now. It has been kind of hard with two 21 months old running a mock. But four ladies from church came over yesterday morning for two hours and helped me clean the kitchen and the bathrooms! They did a much better job then I could have done by myself! I have just vacuumed the house the the thousandth time in the last three days. I don't know why I have vacuumed so much but I just love the look of a fresh vacuumed room!

It is about time for us to start driving back to Utah. We are just waiting for Sam to come home from work and then we are off!

Monday, April 21, 2008

busy weekend

On Saturday and Sunday a few guys from church (the missionaries), and a guy from the ship helped Sam moved all of our belongings into a storage unit! There is nothing left in the house beside a few items I want to being with me to Utah and what Sam wants to bring with him on the ship. I was watching G&G while that was being done. I wanted to be cleaning but I swear every time I turn around G&G are making a new mess. I did manage to clean the kitchen today. It took all morning long and during nap time. I cleaned all the cupboards, the counters, the oven, the pantry and the freezer! I did not do the floor yet. I did not do the refrigerator either. That is because there is some (very little) food left in there. I did not want to clean out the refrigerator with cleaners and then put all the food back in there to sit and sock up the fumes. So that will have to wait until Thursday. I washed the walls in the dinning room and the front room. I started to clean the walls in the hallway but then I got on a kick of vacuuming, don't really know why I will have to vacuum again on Thursday. I manage to vacuum the front room (this will be the third time in three days it was done), the dinning room, G&G room and Sam and mine room. I guess I did it because I wanted the place to look clean even thought it is not. Some ladies from Church are suppose to come over Wednesday to help me clean the rest of the house! So I am not stressing over the cleaning.

In some of ways I don't want to move home any more. I really like my neighbors and I love the location of the house. I love the people at my church (ward). But all those things will be here in 6 months from now too. I am afraid that I will just hibernate in my house while Sam is gone. I know that is a little hard to do with two toddlers that want to go outside. But still I am afraid that I will not do things while Sam is gone and I will become like my dad (long story and I wont go into it right now) so I think in the long run it is best for me and G&G to go live with my mom this deployment. I will have family around for me and G&G during this hard time, which I know will make the time go by so much faster. I know we can get the same housing complex when Sam gets back. I am going to plead and pray that we can move back on this street. I really do like my neighbors and I love this part of the complex. The next deployment, which hopefully will be in 1 1/2 to 2 years from now, we will stay here in Cali. Things will be different that time around. Only 10 more years until retirement!

Friday, April 18, 2008

diaper change

Gwenith is trying very hard to change Gilbert's diaper! She has now mastered unbuttoning his onesies and taking off the diaper. but she has not figured out how to put a new diaper on. It is so cute to watch. What is funny is that Gilbert just lays there and let her try to change him, even if I had just changed him, notice the used diaper in the back ground yes that was Gilbert's. I had just finished changing him! oh just in case you were wondering yes she takes off her diaper too!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Jeremy is Topeka, KS!!!! Which I think is a hour or two away from base. They are doing something there and then they get bused to base! So it looks like he will be on schedule to be there about 3 am (local time)!!!


Jeremy is stateside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They got here a head of schedule, go figure. Jeremy got here (he is in Maine) this afternoon. He was there two hours and now is on another plane heading to Denver, CO and then to Kansas. So in case you missed what Jeremy has done he went from Baghdad to Kuwait to Germany to Maine to Denver and finally Kansas! Why they are doing that I have NO IDEA! I know they are not dropping off anyone and they are not picking up anyone so who knows why?????

They should be in Kansas at 3:30 am! They are doing a welcome home ceremony at 4 am! I totally understand why they are doing that so early. It is so they family can see the soldiers as soon as they get off the plane and the soldiers don't have to set a round for another 4 hours until the ceremony was suppose to begin. I just feel bad for mom she drove from Denver (which is funny cuz Jeremy went there, lol) to Kansas today. Luckily she got there early this evening so she had some let down time but she now has to get up at 3am to go see Jeremy. But hey if I was there I don't I could sleep, knowing in just a couple of hours I would be able to see Jeremy again!!


I loved this book and I am so excited about this movie. The book is really well written. My sister (who thinks she is a vampire) did not want to read it because there is no sex or graphic violence or gore. She thought it would not be interesting like the Anne Rice books. I finally gave her all three books for Christmas and guess what she read all three books within a month! She could not put them down! Sam is now reading them! He is on the second book. Sam says he found them to be more interesting them the author noted above. I promise these books are a real page turner. Me who hates to read (I did not read a book cover to cover until I was 15) read each book within a week after they were published!! The fourth book comes out this August I can't wait!!!! The movie comes out this December! Here is a link to the fansite about the books

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back in San Diego

Well Gwenith, Gilbert and I have just spent the last 11 hours in the car driving to San Diego to spend some much needed time with Sam! We have just over two weeks left to be with Sam before he deploys. The drive here was pretty uneventful beside all the wind we encountered on the way here. It was so bad at one point that they had the interstate closed down and we had to take a back road to travel! It was only for 20 miles but it took forever! G&G were really good the whole time! I just kept a DVD playing and made sure they had a drink and once in awhile a snack. Pretty much the only time they cried was when it was bed time. they only cried for maybe 5-10 minutes but both fell asleep and stayed asleep until we got here. Of course they woke up once we got here but that was ok I kept them up for an hour. they had fun running a round playing. then at elven I took them up to bed and they both fell asleep right away. I am still pumped up from driving so I figured I would let you all know what was going on.

quick update

I am about to leave for San Diego so this will be fast.

The pain in back is most likely from a cyst on my ovary. It is nothing big it happens all the time to women thought out their cycle (so I was told). the cyst will go away on its own (so I was told). My pain has calmed down a lot from this weekend! It still very much hurts but nothing like on Friday or Saturday. I am learning to deal with it.

Gwen has a black eye! I don't how she got it! It is not bad. It just makes me feel terrible that I don't know when she got it. I think it was from Sunday when she was climbing up into her chair at the table fr dinner. I remember she hit her head but at the time I did not see any marks

Jeremy has been in Kuwait since Sunday night. He should be leaving there tonight and be stateside Thursday!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

operation sam - failed!

so we got the outcome of operation Sam today and even though we had a wonder full visit what we hoped to accomplished did not work! I am very much upset and sadden by this but life will go on! We have two very wonderful babies/kids that we love very much and we are grateful to have them.

first blog about it
second blog

Sunday, April 13, 2008

still there! and is it Monday yet?

I just talked to my mom who talked to Jeremy he is still in Baghdad international airport! I feel so bad for the troops they were suppose to be home yesterday!

I am still in pain not as bad as yesterday and Friday but it still hurts! I can't remember what time my appointment is at. I guess I will call first thing tomorrow and find out

Saturday, April 12, 2008

another update

I am still very much in pain!!! I caved in and took a lortab! I hate the feeling it gives me but I must say it makes the pain bearable. I just took my second pill and I am waiting for it to take affect so I can go to sleep. Monday can not get here fast enough for me!! My sister was actually there to help me out this evening. She entertained G&G for an hour until it was time for her to get ready to go out ( I wished she would have stayed home to really help me out!!). I had not gotten the prescription filled yet so Jeremiah (Nikki's boyfriend) went and got it for me. It was totally out of his way and he did it for me!!! What a sweet heart! Nikki even gave me a heating pad. That I think helped too. If I start to not make since it is because I think it is finally kicking in, lol. Jason (Nikki's son) was a huge help. After Nikki went to get ready to "go out" Jason took G&G and entertained them for an hour. He even got me pj's and new diapers to change them from bed. He even got them water sippys for bed. Jason is such a good kid!!!

My mom left for my Aunt Tamara's house and then heading to Kansas to see Jeremy at around 2:30 pm. Mom should get to Tam's about now. I need to call her to see if she got there ok. I have not been able to get a hold of mom for the last three hours now. I am now just starting to get worried.

Jeremy called me at around 7pm and told me he still has not left yet!!!!!!!!!!!! He is getting frustrated. When he was deployed in 2003 they knew the the minute they were leaving and what time they would be back in the US but this time around they know crap! I am hoping that since I have not heard from him in four hours that means that he has finally gotten on a plane! But that also does not mean anything.

ok this post is longer then what I thought it was going to be. :) off to call my mommy

oh one more thing the Jazz won today!!!!!!!!!!!!! They had a 40 point first quarter! Jazz won
the Nuggets 124-97! Go Jazz! There is so much more I could write about this about I am getting really tired, lol.

updated: I just called Mom she is in Denver so she should be at Tam's in a couple of minutes. Good night I am going to bed!

an update

Jeremy is still stuck! But he sent an email saying he should be getting on a plane today!!!! Stateside Monday!

Gwenith and Gilbert are still doing very well at going in the potty! I am halfway hoping to have them out of diapers by July when they turn 2!!! Now I just need to break them from their sippys and onto regular cups. They can drink out of cups but they tend to spill them a lot.

My dogs, Max, Jessi and Rhiannon went to Petco yesterday for grooming and they came shaved! I asked them to do it because I could not longer stand all the fur everywhere because they are shedding. So now they have no hair. I will post pictures when I get on my computer, right now I am using my mom's laptop.

I went to the ER yesterday. Because my lower back/side hurts really bad. My mom thought it might be my kidney. So I spent three hours in the ER and basically was told it most likely is not a kidney stone because beside the pain I have no other signs and it could not be proven with my blood test or urine test. My doctor (not the ER doctor) thinks it might be a cyst on my ovary so I have an appointment on Monday with him. I was discharged and told pretty much they (the ER) don't know what is causing me so much pain. I was given a prescription for lortab but I have taken those before and I hate how it makes me feel so I am not taking anything right now for the pain. I could not stand yesterday because of it. This is now the fourth day of the pain and it is still as bad as yesterday!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I just talked to Jeremy he says the army is being frustrating. He is stuck in Baghdad international airport. He can be waiting there for a couple of days! But he is "safe" there so I am not too worried about him.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coming Home!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy called a little over an hour ago saying he just woke up and took his last shower in Iraq and will be getting on an airplane in a couple of hours lo leave! I am so happy my brother has made it though his deployment in Iraq. I am very grateful that he kept safe. I would say unharmed but he was wounded by an IED but it was nothing bad to sent him home and luckily no was killed during that attack which happen last August. Out of his unit 137 was killed! I don't know how many is in his unit to begin with (about 300 maybe?). Out of the squad Jeremy is in charge of (I think it is about 13-16 guys) none was killed. Two lost a limb and one was injured bad enough to be sent stateside. Jeremy wont be stateside for another week and I wont see him until he takes leave, which is not until July. Mom is going to Kansas to welcome him home when he finally get here! It has been a long 14 months!

This is Jeremy's squad the day they left for Iraq.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Twin Sister Special Day

This is my twin sister. Her name is Melissa. 29 years ago on this day she ended her journey here on Earth and joined our Heavenly Father. She died in her sleep, of what was classified SIDS. She had ammonia in her lungs that over came her so fast that she could not be saved. She was healthy the day before. In fact my mom checked up on her a couple of hours before she passed and she was fine (I was crying that is why my mom checked in on us). Melissa was 10 months 9 days old.

My family was living in Sardinia, Italy at the time. My dad was in the Navy. Melissa's death was really hard on my Mom and Dad. My dad unfortunately was never really able to grieve properly so he never came to terms with her passing. It really messed up his life,. He still to this day has problems with it. My mom says what helped her with Melissa's passin
g is our religion and knowing that Melissa is with our Heavenly Father and that one day in Heaven my mom will have the chance to raise Melissa and be her mom once more. That Families Are Together Forever!! My mom said one of the most import things she did was talk about it and not let it bottle up inside.

I have always know I have a twin. That a piece of
me is missing. I miss her very dearly. There will always be apart of me that is never whole. I don't remember her. Which to me is so heartbreaking that I have no memory of her. I would just like to have one!!!!

I love to imagine what life would have been like to have her around. How different things would be. How different my live would have turned out. It is a catch-22.

I know it is weird but I talk to Melissa and I know she hears me. I just wish she could talk back, lol. She has always been here me. And one day I will be with her! When Gwenith and Gilbert were born one of the first things I said/asked them was if they knew Melissa. I swear Gwen smiled like she was saying yes she knows Melissa!

I had a hard time seeing other sets of twins almost all my life (off and on). I think that is why I was able to have Gwenith and Gilbert, so the pain would not be so hard to handle. That I could
look at other twins and not be so unhappy for them. I have two other living sets of twins (my uncle lost his twin at birth and there are other sets of twins in the past) in my extend family and it was really, really hard to look at them, in fact I never held them when they were babies. I use to think why is it that they both get to live and my sister had to die. Now that I have Gwenith and Gilbert it is not that bad anymore. I can smile when I see them and not feel so envious of them.

I still don't have an answer to why Melissa was taken away so early in life but I like to thing I need a little help in life to do good and my sister is my push in life. Plus she was so perfect up in Heaven that to become like Heavenly Father all she need to accomplish in this life was to gain a mortal body. I will see Melissa again!! This I know with all my heart. She is waiting (and watching me) for me in Heaven and one day (not too soon) I will join her there!!

I am a twinless twin!

This is Melissa's head stone. We are planning on going to her grave this afternoon so I will post a new picture this evening.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Operation Sam - Over

operation Sam is over. which makes me sad to have Sam leave again but G&G and I will see him in two weeks! We will not know if operation Sam worked for another week or so. you know we need reports and feed back to see if things went good. I am praying for good results!

We had a very nice visit while Sam was here. It was really nice to have him here. I just wished we could have done more, but with all my doctor appointments and being bed redden we could not do much. But Sam got to spend some much needed time with G&G. Speaking of G&G they LOVED having daddy home. It was funny the two weeks Sam was here they woke up at 6 in the morning where as before it was 7 and now that Sam is gone they are back to 7 again! Gwen started to say daddy where as before it was just dada.

G&G are starting to say more words slowly but surely, but I am still worried about them. I am going to ask G&G pediatrician at their 2 year check up about getting them referred out to a speech therapist here. they are almost 21 month old and barely talking. I can not get them to repeat anything even words I know they can say.

Sam is back in San Diego packing up our house. We are suppose to be out of it by the end of the month. I feel bad not being there to help him but I think it will help past the evenings when he is not at work. It is sad to think in a very, very short he will be gone on deployment. I can do it I am a Navy Wife!!!! the six months will be over will be over be before I know, ok wishful thinking I know, lol

whoo hoo!

I just talked to Jeremy and he has turned in his ammo!!!!! That means he longer can go into the field. So it is less to worry about. But I will worry about him until he reaches US soil. Only ONE WEEK LEFT!!!!!